Financial Planning & Reporting

What is Financial Planning & Reporting? 

Financial Planning is the creation of a financial forecast covering all aspects of your business revenue and expenditure. The reporting aspect is then the measurement of that forecast against the actual situation to provide important information about the overall financial health and efficiency of the business. 

How careful financial planning can benefit your business 

All business owners will understand the stress involved in having a difficult cash flow position. It can impact everything from retaining clients, preserving supplier relationships and keeping staff happy and motivated. It can be the difference between staying in business full stop. But it’s about so much more than keeping your business out of danger. Having accurate financial reporting let’s you make decisions, providing certainty that you aren’t taking an unwise course of action. Knowing that a business investment is an affordable one gives you and your staff the ability to grow your business. Rather than being hesitant about capital expenditure due to uncertainty about your financial position you can know act with confidence and measure the financial outcome accurately.

In preparing a financial plan, businesses can take seasonal cycles into account & maintain tight controls on expenditures during the forecast low revenue periods. Monthly financial reports allow you to record financial trends for analysis, what is working, not working and why before it is too late.

Denise was recommended to us as an interim Financial Controller. Denise identified areas that enhanced my financial visibility and also built a robust cash flow model that she continues to manage. No challenge was an issue for Denise and she was always on hand even outside of office hours.

Tom Ross, Foresolutions Ltd

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Building a plan with contingencies means any surprises are pleasant ones

A robust financial plan allows you to look at different elements of your business activity and accurately document the risks involved in any particular area or period of time. Whether it’s looking at revenues that are dependent on factors you can’t control or forecasting unexpected costs that you know you might incur, planning allows you to produce forecast variations that show you a final position for different scenarios.

Ensuring that you are getting timely updates on the true situation as the year unfolds mean you can obtain the earliest possible view of which trends are coming true so you can act accordingly. The bank position is not necessarily a true reflection of this! Being able to share this information with all your stakeholders allows you to keep your people focused and ensure you realise your vision.

If you don’t currently have this clarity and need extra support please contact Denise for a free consultation on how she can support you and your business.