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Four ways a financial controller helps your company grow

It’s always nice when you find the ethos that you believe in and strive to embody every day validated by someone else.

So I had to share this excellent article from Entrepreneur magazine about the key ways in which someone like me can make a positive impact on your business. I recognised myself very much in statements like:

A controller looks to improve a company’s profitability.  Your controller will know if sales are satisfactory, but she will primarily be looking at expenses. She will ask herself, how can I shave another 5 percent from our insurance costs? How can I improve the margin on this product by a percentage point? Why are we spending so much on freight? Does this department really need all those people or can some be more productive somewhere else? Are we incurring too much overtime in this area? This is her job. She loves finding cost savings. She’s all about growing profitability. You don’t tell her to cut expenses. She tells you.

It’s that sort of proactive financial management which I hope is a hallmark of how I work. If you’d like to know more why not come along to my next Business Finance Club event, a monthly forum for business owners and accounting professionals to discuss business finance and gain insight into how to drive their business forward.