Why do I need a Financial Controller?

Business owners juggle a great many responsibilities and have to contend with a lot of different routines and processes to run their company successfully on a daily, monthly and annual basis. The truth is none of us are perfect at all aspects.

Some business owners are natural salespeople and ambassadors for their brand, others prefer to stay in the background. Some have a gift for innovation and are superb judges of their marketplace, others have to work harder at it. And some are by nature capable and interested in the complex world of business finance. But many of us are not, for plenty it’s our least favourite aspect of running our company!

The firm foundation of financial control 

None of us can deny that financial control is a critical business function. Not just in terms of keeping an eye on the day to day mechanics of making and receiving payments but also in terms of understanding the big financial picture and ensuring that we are managing our finances in order to give ourselves the best possible ability to make our most crucial business decisions about when to invest, how to grow and when to accurately forecast challenging trading conditions.

It’s no surprise then to learn that Forbes reported in March 2015 that half of all small businesses in the US had either a CFO or financial controller. It’s an accurate reflection of the importance of finance in the uncertain economic times we’ve faced in the early 21st century.

Not all small businesses can afford to invest in a full-time CFO or Financial Controller or acquire the right expertise and experience by hiring a book keeper. It is often the case that just one or two days a month are all that is required to undertake the necessary monitoring, planning and preparation to ensure you have visibility and clarity around your business’ financial situation.

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How a freelance Financial Controller can help your business

Denise Ward’s methodology to give clients the right level of support involves working at your premises to maximise her understanding of your sector and company operations to develop robust reporting structures and systems. In turn this enables her to provides her clients with meaningful financial information.

She can help you save you money by implementing cash flow forecasts so that your money is totally controlled. These are tailored to your business requirements for total clarity. Clients understand how they trade on a monthly basis which assists them with business planning and commercial decisions.

Denise takes time to educate and guide her clients with their finances supported with operational observations for improvements. This provides an improved understanding of their company performance and financial position. It is a two way dialogue; issues are addressed together for early resolution with action plans.

By outsourcing your finances this removes the finance burden and pressure from you and your team and allows you to devote your valuable time on your core discipline in increasing sales and strategic planning.

Why struggle and perhaps make the wrong financial decision when you can outsource your finances with improved results and visibility? Denise can assist you on a consultancy, contract or ad hoc basis. This flexibility is designed to take the strain away from you or your Finance Department and eliminates additional costs of overheads.

Denise takes a level-headed and friendly approach with her business and enjoys supporting existing Financial Teams or can independently run your entire finance function to support your business needs.