Finance Club TBN

Promoting the Business Finance Club at The Boardroom Network

My business mentor had said many times to me about presenting at events and network events and I always responded ‘Oh! I couldn’t do that!’ Not being a natural marketer the thought of it was quite overwhelming and daunting.

Having formed a new Business Finance Club I thought this was a prime opportunity to spread the news and being a member at The Boardroom Network I had the opportunity. I called the organiser, Jacqui, who said that the planned No.2 pitch had cancelled, did I want it, so I accepted.

I prepared my pitch and my flyers for the tables in readiness and then the morning came……

I soon realised that promoting the events came naturally to me and I felt at ease with great feedback and bookings from members.

The result:-

  • Within the week I was pitching again at another network event!
  • Offers of great venues for future events
  • Fully booked February event!
  • That I can present in front of an audience with fantastic results